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    BORIS (buy online, return in-store) - Why Can’t We Be Friends?

    Product, Returns, BORIS, on-line, physical, brick, mortar

Why Can’t Customers By Online and Return In-Store?

What do I want to change, fix, or improve? What’s the expected/desired outcome?

Customer is confused and angry, wondering why the salesperson sent her to the post office instead of processing the return of her defective vacuum cleaner from the online version of their store.  Why can’t the physical store process returns from their online counterpart?

What do I know about this? How should I proceed?

The online version of the store uses the same product code (BSL1030) as the physical store for the vacuum cleaner.  The salesperson should process the return from the shipping receipt found inside the box, even though it looks different than the in-store receipt.

Learn more, click here.

Problem solving checklist for processing online returns:
  • Salesperson checks receipt
  • Product is identified as having come from online store
  • Return is processed according to store return policy

How do I know if it is done right?

Store will have an accurate understanding of why products are returned.  Trending return issues can be addressed and mitigated.


Product, Returns, BORIS, on-line, physical, brick, mortar
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