Why Are We Giving Cash For Every Refund? Micro-Actions Simple Pages Examples

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    Improper Refund - Show Me The Money!

    Product, Returns, Refund, Cash, Improper, Process

What do I want to change, fix, or improve? What’s the expected/desired outcome?

Customers are thrilled when Mary is processing returns - everyone gets cash, every time!  But not everyone is so thrilled. Mary’s manager knows that the store is to maintain a 47% liquid cash level at all times.  Falling below this standard puts our consumer money services department at risk.
How can returns get processed properly without all the store’s cash flying out the door?

What do I know about this? How should I proceed?

Mary is checking to see if the products are eligible for return, but finds it easier just to give cash.  Mary will receive remedial instruction including the Product Return Job Aid to aid her in providing appropriate refunds to customers.

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Problem solving checklist for properly processing returns:
  • Salesperson verifies product is eligible for return
  • Consult Return Type job aid to identify correct refund method
  • Refund is issued according to store return policy
  • Reason Code is logged in POS system for return

How do I know if it is done right?

Store will have appropriate amount of cash on hand at end of shift and reason codes will indicate method of refund.


Product, Returns, Refund, Cash, Improper, Process
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