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    Post-Sale Pricing - The Neverending Sale 

    Discounts, Sales, Price, Advertisement, Flier, Policy, Manager

What do I want to change, fix, or improve? What’s the expected/desired outcome?

Customer is delighted when they bring in the previous week’s sale flier and the salesperson honors the prices!  The manager, however,  is not so delighted after running end-of-day sales reports. How can the salesperson abide by company policy when the customer asks for an unauthorized discount?

What do I know about this? How should I proceed?

Sales prices are only valid for the dates listed on the sale flier.  The salesperson needs to explain this to the customer and recommend current sale items that are similar to what the customer is asking for.

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Problem solving checklist for post-sale pricing:
  • Verify that the requested item is no longer on sale
  • Inform the customer that this sale ad is no longer valid
  • Offer a similar item from the current sale ad

How do I know if it is done right?

Customers will not receive unauthorized discounts and more on-sale items will be purchased.


Discounts, Sales, Price, Advertisement, Flier, Policy, Manager
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