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    CSR Theft - Get out of my Drawers!

    POS, Terminals, Point, Sale, Theft, Cash, CCTV, Loss, Prevention, Security

How Do I Keep Sticky Fingers Out of my Drawers?

What do I want to change, fix, or improve? What’s the expected/desired outcome?

When providing change to a customer, the CSR deftly removes extra bills, hiding them until he can safely transport them out of the store at the end of his shift.  His great amount of practice and attention to detail helps him pull of the heist...or so he thinks. What can be done to identify and alleviate theft of the store’s cash?

What do I know about this? How should I proceed?

Statistics show that  27% of theft is tied to employee actions.Security has the responsibility to monitor CCTV footage in real time and provide eyes on the floor to prevent this from happening, but because employees know they are being watched, they are only caught less than 40% of the time.

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Problem solving checklist for POS theft:
  • Identify unusual behavior exhibited by employees running POS systems
  • Monitor employees closely via CCTV and live interactions
  • Determine if employee is stealing from the POS system in the store

How do I know if it is done right?

Cash drawers will balance at the end of the shift, reconciling purchases with remaining cash.


POS, Terminals, Point, Sale, Theft, Cash, CCTV, Loss, Prevention, Security

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