Why is Classifying Returns a Good Thing? Micro-Actions Simple Pages Examples

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    Return categorization (malfunction, missing parts, damaged packaging) - Whirlwind of Returns

    Product, Returns, category, accurate, customer, service, CSR

What do I want to change, fix, or improve? What’s the expected/desired outcome?

A heap of products are accumulating in the bin behind the Customer Service Rep (CSR) and no one knows it the items should be categorized as broken/damaged, wrong product, buyer remorse or no longer wanted! Now the manager is confronting the CSR and wants some answers as the categories impact how this new inventory is managed.  How could the CSR keep track of why the items were returned?

What do I know about this? How should I proceed?

CSRs know how to process returns. They need to be coached to include the reason codes that can be associated with each product returned to accurately document the process that manages returned inventory

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Problem solving checklist for processing returns:
  • CSR processes return
  • CSR checks reason code list to identify the reason for return
  • Reason code is documented in the POS system
  • Return reports are run nightly before close

How do I know if it is done right?

Store will have an accurate understanding of why products are returned.  Trending return issues can be addressed and mitigated.


Product, Returns, category, accurate, customer, service, CSR
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