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How Do We Put An End To Fraudulent Returns?
Fraudulent returns - Money for Nothing How Do We Put An End To Fraudulent Returns? Product, Returns, Fraud, Retail, Shopping, Customer, Service, CSR, Inventory
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How Do We Prevent Customers From Exiting The Store With Products They Steal? 
Store Processes Merchandise Allocation Loss Prevention - Right From Under Our Noses Theft, loss, prevention, shopping, check, steal, receipt, greeter, report, CCTV
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How Do We Project Inventory Needs For Black Friday?
Merchandise Planning - Black Friday Blitz Merchandise, Planning, Allocation, Black Friday, Customer, Angry, Television, TV
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How Do We Keep Hot Items On The Shelves?
Retail Replenishment - Fidget Spinner Faux Pas Merchandise, Allocation, Retail, Replenishment, Fidget, Spinner, Sales, Demand, Angry
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How Do We Properly Staff Up For The Holidays?
Workforce Planning - Temp Hire Tantrum Merchandise, Allocation, Workforce, Planning, Temporary, Holiday, Projection, Communication
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Why is Classifying Returns a Good Thing?
Return categorization (malfunction, missing parts, damaged packaging) - Whirlwind of Returns Product, Returns, category, accurate, customer, service, CSR
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Why Can’t Customers By Online and Return In-Store?
BORIS (buy online, return in-store) - Why Can’t We Be Friends? Product, Returns, BORIS, on-line, physical, brick, mortar
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Why Are We Giving Cash For Every Refund?
Improper Refund - Show Me The Money! Product, Returns, Refund, Cash, Improper, Process
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What Happens When Sales Tags Aren’t Switched?
Shelf Labels - Sale Tag Switcharoo Discounts, Sales, Shelf, Labels, Print, Complaints, Customer, Manager
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What Do I Do With An Online Price Match?
Online Price Match - Price Match Snatch Discounts, Sales, Price, Match, Online, Competitor, Salesperson, Customer, Mobile
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How Do I Handle A Double Discount Dilemma?
Combining Discounts - Double Discount Dilemma Discounts, Sales, Price, Coupon, Double, Policy, Rules, Transaction, Report
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Why Are We Having A Neverending Sale?
Post-Sale Pricing - The Neverending Sale  Discounts, Sales, Price, Advertisement, Flier, Policy, Manager
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How Do I Keep Sticky Fingers Out of my Drawers?
CSR Theft - Get out of my Drawers! POS, Terminals, Point, Sale, Theft, Cash, CCTV, Loss, Prevention, Security
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What Do I Do When There’s No Barcode on a Banana?
No Barcode - Barcode on a Banana   POS, Terminals, Point, Sale, Barcode, Scan, Transaction, Time  
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What Should I Do When The System Is Down?
System Down Issues - System Down!  POS, Terminals, System, Freeze, Down, Transaction, Customer, Purchases
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How Can I Avoid This Pay Delay?
Card Swiper - Pay Delay POS, Terminals, System, Card, Reader, Failure, Swipe, Strip, ATM, Customer
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