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How Do We Properly Staff Up for the Holidays?
How Do We Keep Hot Items on the Shelves?
"Teachers who desire to increase learners’ ability to understand and learn will also use visuals. Most people will learn better and remember longer when you present ideas by using pictures, maps, word groupings, or other visuals rather than merely speaking" Hakuna Matata
Retail Replenishment - Fidget Spinner Faux Pas Merchandise, Allocation, Retail, Replenishment, Fidget, Spinner, Sales, Demand, Angry
Workforce Planning - Temp Hire Tantrum Merchandise, Allocation, Workforce, Planning, Temporary, Holiday, Projection, Communication
Fraudulent returns - Money for Nothing How Do We Put An End To Fraudulent Returns? Product, Returns, Fraud, Retail, Shopping, Customer, Service, CSR, Inventory
Store Processes Merchandise Allocation Loss Prevention - Right From Under Our Noses Theft, loss, prevention, shopping, check, steal, receipt, greeter, report, CCTV
Merchandise Planning - Black Friday Blitz Merchandise, Planning, Allocation, Black Friday, Customer, Angry, Television, TV
Return categorization (malfunction, missing parts, damaged packaging) - Whirlwind of Returns Product, Returns, category, accurate, customer, service, CSR
BORIS (buy online, return in-store) - Why Can’t We Be Friends? Product, Returns, BORIS, on-line, physical, brick, mortar
Improper Refund - Show Me The Money! Product, Returns, Refund, Cash, Improper, Process
Shelf Labels - Sale Tag Switcharoo Discounts, Sales, Shelf, Labels, Print, Complaints, Customer, Manager
Online Price Match - Price Match Snatch Discounts, Sales, Price, Match, Online, Competitor, Salesperson, Customer, Mobile
Combining Discounts - Double Discount Dilemma Discounts, Sales, Price, Coupon, Double, Policy, Rules, Transaction, Report
Post-Sale Pricing - The Neverending Sale  Discounts, Sales, Price, Advertisement, Flier, Policy, Manager
CSR Theft - Get out of my Drawers! POS, Terminals, Point, Sale, Theft, Cash, CCTV, Loss, Prevention, Security
No Barcode - Barcode on a Banana   POS, Terminals, Point, Sale, Barcode, Scan, Transaction, Time  
System Down Issues - System Down!  POS, Terminals, System, Freeze, Down, Transaction, Customer, Purchases
Card Swiper - Pay Delay POS, Terminals, System, Card, Reader, Failure, Swipe, Strip, ATM, Customer
This is an example of low-tech ways to provide customers and employees pricing information. Pricing in plastic quick roll device is faster for some item prices than in a computer. Low tech solutions are also supported Micro-Actions.
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